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TLauncher: Why You Should Think Twice Before Using It!

1 month ago
TLauncher: Why You Should Think Twice Before Using It!

TLauncher, the most popular Minecraft launcher

Most of you know TLauncher and often use it to access our project. For many years now, other projects like mcslime, craftmc, mcbegedis, and others have been offering you to download Minecraft from the official TLauncher website. Like you, I myself have long used this Minecraft launcher because of its convenience and simplicity. And today we recommend not using it, avoiding it, and deleting it as soon as possible.

Anticheat incompatibility

If you use the unmodified version of Minecraft from TLauncher or one of the versions they offer (Fabric, Optifine, Forge), TLauncher has altered player movement in subtle but noticeable ways in several versions, causing AntiCheat to often flag you as cheating players. Many AntiCheat developers do not recommend using TLauncher precisely for this reason - you will be incorrectly identified as a user of gaming aids and may be blocked.

The same problem exists with other Minecraft launchers like Lunar Client. There are major Minecraft projects that strictly prohibit playing with such modified Minecraft versions as we have done for several years. Although at this moment we allow playing with such modified versions, we do not recommend it and you may receive a deserved ban for using such versions.

TLauncher history

The TLauncher Minecraft launcher is not the original TLauncher - it is a stolen name from the original creator. The original TLauncher author did not have copyright to this name, so a Russian company decided to appropriate it. Since at that time TLauncher was one of the most popular Minecraft launchers allowing players to play with pirated Minecraft accounts, by taking the name it quickly became popular.

Then the bad practices of TLauncher began - they integrated servers into your server list, installed viruses on your computer, and at one point had a bot network (Bot Net) with all computers that had TLauncher installed.

If you want to find out more information, we recommend watching these videos:

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What do we recommend instead of TLauncher?

Since the KAIMUX server aims to comply with all EULA requirements, we cannot recommend third-party Minecraft launchers that allow players to play without buying a Minecraft account. Nevertheless, what we can say is that the original author of TLauncher renamed his Minecraft launcher to LegacyLauncher. Currently I use SkLauncher, which is simple, clean and virus/spyware free. We also recommend other server owners to stop promoting this Minecraft launcher and redirect their players to the official TLauncher developers - LegacyLauncher.

By ItsVaidas